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Taiwan Easy cure biology technology company was established in 1993.  It’s a persistent insistence and a dream trip. It contributes to an immortal legend concentrated in enzyme and health.

With the dream of benefiting people’s health, in 2009 July, Easy Cure cross the ocean and come to Xiamen, setting up Xiamen Easy Cure Trading Co., Ltd. After 20 years rapid development, now our company has become the most powerful enzyme management team in the world. We have many physical and mental health experts, national communal nutritionists, clinical physicians and high-qualified talents in health management, etc.

We have the world’s most powerful research and development team combined by about 33 doctors and 200 researchers from professional circles of biomedicine, Chinese herbal medicine, energy medicine and nutrition, etc. Including the president of  energy medical association- Dr. Zhongjie; the famous nutritionist-Dr.  Yang Naiyan; the authority of obstetrics-Dr.  Zheng Chengjie; the president of Taipei Nutrition College    Dr. Xie Mingzhe; the immunology professor of National Taiwan college-Dr.  Sun Andi as well as other experts and scholars.

Besides, more than 100 cooperative enzyme R&D staff from National Success University, National Chung-Hsing University, National Sun Yet-sen University, Chinese Science & Technology University, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science, National Penghu Science & Technology University, and the world’s top 50 scientists of biotechnology field have devoted into enzyme’s research and development.

Take the root, gen and leaf of national plants from U.S.A. and Taiwan as material, dominated by probiotics, enzymes, soy peptide as well as other chelated nutrient, Easy Cure has developed new high-tech products, such as 5 Units Set, 6 Units Set and 7 Units Set. The production process maximized the advantages of the most advanced biotechnology, the best material, the most strict quality management and the largest output.

It’s with the spirit of progressive and scale new height, from scratch Easy Cure initiated the probiotics which can be directly  taken-in by oral. These probioctics can arrived and survived in intestines because of its high-temperature resistance and high acid resistance; it’s the only bacteria that can secret the biggest enzyme party (about 6000 different enzymes); its strain function is  well advanced than other similar industry, and its high density can’t be catched up or surpassed by others within 10 years. We have the most advanced “ practical technology of combining enzymes” (solve the problems that traditional methods can’t breakthrough). We’re the manufacturer and supplier of the world’s most complete and diverse enzymes. Last but not the least, 22years ago we were the pioneer who took microbial biotechnology to chelate and extract enzyme.

Now Easy Cure summarized a set of using combination formula from more than 3 millions beneficiaries’ using experience. With the theory of “ clean, regulate, supplement, nourish, prevent and identify”  as foundation, we pioneered “ comprehensive enzyme cocktails treatment” to achieve health, which can quickly & effectively recuperate or even wipe out more than 90% chronic diseases that medicine circle can’t cure, like hypertension, diabetes and gout, etc. Also, it has amazing effect on losing & gaining weight,  achieving beauty, reversing aging as well as prolonging life, etc. It’s highly approved and praised by medical community.
In June 2013, Xiamen Easy Cure established cooperation with People’s Liberation Army Troop 301 General Hospital, brought enzyme of Easy cure into this hospital.

In November 2013,     Easy Cure enzyme experts were invited to Moscow to have a inspection as well as teaching, and promoted “enzyme replace food” therapies.

In 2014, Easy Cure enzyme experts were invited to Beijing Union Medical and College Hospital Rehabilitation Center to have a teaching as well as established cooperation.

Easy Cure adheres to company’s conventions and objectives, take  “ Universe Love, Integrity, Quality, Heath, Innovation” as key spirit and “Popularize enzyme knowledge, Protect heath, Benefits 1.3 billions people”  as mission, we initiate and promote some positive heath activities like “ Enzyme to world, General Love to China, National Health Trip”.  With the model of “Word-of-mouth marketing replace puff and blow, after-sale service replace marketing promotion” , we hold thousands of national speaking tours and commonweal campaigns. Also be interviewed by major television & broadcasting media (like celeb videos of Xiaoqiang, Kou Naixin, etc), from unknown to approval, let people has a huge change on enzymes. Easy Cure is the NO.1 enterprise in promoting and propagating enzyme among the same circle.

Easy Cure has sold enzymes for more than 20 years, across more than 80 countries and benefit more than 50 millions people. It has become the leader among the diverse brands of the same circle and achieved the NO.1 Brand honor awarded by Taiwan Consumer Association. It’s recommended as the best biologic food by Taiwan Energy & Medical Association. Got gold award in outstanding products of Taiwan Trade Association. Won Elite Award, food’s highest honor awarded by Taiwan Consumer Association. And achieve golden award granted by Taiwan Trade & Corporate Culture Association. Also we get the qualification of CIP (International Professional Certification Management Association)  Cells Detectors, Health Management Training and Examination, which is a highly approved honor in WTO (World Trade Organization)  member countries, and is the health leader who get the highest satisfaction from customers.

President of Easy Cure said:” Walking all over the world with medicine, Strengthening every Chinese”

Always adhere to correct business idea, Easy Cure braving the wind and waves to pursue health. The great dream of “ World without medicine” must can be realized in some day.

Easy Cure, your health saving bank!



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